Vouching for vouchers

     School vouchers have been around for since 1991, but have become an issue lately with the nomination and approval of Betsy Devos, current Secretary of Education. This has sparked fear into the hearts of many around the country because she is proposing to make school vouchers mandatory. But one would ask “What’s wrong with that?” She would use taxpayer’s money to fund this program. This would only defund public schools, and this is where a vast majority of the students of America attend.

     A voucher is a small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount or that may be exchanged for goods or services. So a school voucher is a paper that entitles a student to a certain amount of money to go to the school of his or her choice. To some that may not seem too bad, but to others it may stop them from going to school at all. That’s because the voucher only amounts to a certain amount of money, and usually it doesn’t pay the full tuition of the school that the student wants to go to.

     While this may help some students, who otherwise would have not gone to an adequate school, but this also defunds the already defunded public schools system. All the money that would have gone to the public institutions now would be allocated to fund the new school vouchers program. So if your voucher doesn’t pay for your whole tuition, then you will be stuck, because you will not have enough money to pay for the private school and there would be no more public schools for those students to attend. This would lead to the parents tackling on debts to pay for the school tuition.  But then you must also keep in mind that the student will then have to pay for transportation, books and other school fees, that would have been paid by the state if they went to a public school.

     Another issue that some may encounter is the quality of the education. Some states mandate certain requirements that the school must meet to even have a chance at receiving the voucher money, but some states don’t. So anyone can open a school, with the intention of making quick cash, and not care about what their students learn. This is something that needs to be addressed before states think of implementing school vouchers.

     Overall school vouchers have their pros and cons, but at this time public schools should be funded better to ensure the best education for the next generation of Americans. Public Schools should be the first concern of the state and nothing else, because without education nothing can be accomplished. At this moment schools around the country receive $60 billion dollars. That seems substantial, but when you look at the big picture its nothing. Education makes up two percent of the nations revenue. This needs to be changed so people won’t even consider school vouchers as an alternative. The only reason people consider vouchers an alternative is because they see the public school system as incomplete, so we, as a community and a nation, must make it up to the standards of the people.

     While this will be debated for years to come, at this moment school vouchers should not be implemented before it’s thoroughly thought through. People need to be informed and told what type of impact it will have on them before they vote on any type of law that concerns this issue


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