Varsity football makes it to second round playoffs

     The Morse varsity football team lost their second round playoff match in an away game against Valley Center High School, 30-29, from a last second touchdown and point after touchdown (PAT) on Nov. 18, 2016, officially ending their 2016 season with a total record of 8-5 and as the number one rushing offense in San Diego with 4236 total yards from 468 carries and 9.1 yard per carry.
    “It felt good to make it to the second round and going that far,” said senior Markus Turner, “but I’m disappointed because I know we could’ve went further to CIF.”
    The varsity football team finished the regular season with a record of 6-4, overcoming the adversities of night school, less practice, and injuries. They defeated Rancho Buena Vista High School on Nov. 11, 2016 in the first round of the playoffs.
    “We’re always expected to pass the first round,” said Tracy McNair, varsity football head coach, “but we can never get past the second round.”
   Many seniors felt nostalgic after their last game representing Morse, believing they could have gone farther.
    “I feel like we left a lot on the table,” said senior Phillip McElroy, “the thought of it being my last time playing for Morse and the end of my high school football career makes it feel like I have unfinished business.”
    McNair and the seniors are hopeful that next year’s varsity team will be able to get past the second round and make it to CIF in the 2017 season.
    “Next year’s team should stay as a family,” said senior Dimitri Reeves, “if they can work together, they can definitely go far next season.”
Written by Staff Writer,
Keano Lugue

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