Speaking out against social injustice

     These performers did not only speak out for themselves, but also for their fellow students.

     A crowd of Tigers came together at the speak out to tie their talents in with their support of this week’s theme of unity in diversity

     On Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016, Be the Peace club hosted this year’s Week of Consciousness speak out, which provided an opportunity for anyone to voice their thoughts, after school in the auditorium.

     A variety of performances, including poets, singers, and instrumentalists, came to strengthen the power of the school’s student body. Whether it was due to race, gender, or sexual orientation, most had a connection with the topic that was personal.

     Lourdes Sanchez, math teacher, advisor of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) as well as Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA), provided a performance that touched upon racial discrimination.

     Sanchez, along with students from MESA, MEChA, the Cesar Chavez Service Club, and her math classes, replicated a scene of Sanchez being verbally attacked for being a Hispanic woman. After being physically and mentally torn down, students presented her with tokens of her achievements, both as a teacher and an individual.

     “The message is that real unity occurs when we build it daily with our words and our actions,” said Sanchez. “It’s a constant battle, but it’s better when we do it together. Individually, however, we need to hold on to the good people. That’s what the symbols of my successes represented.”

     The safe environment of free speech created within the past few days has also brought out things in some students that usually stayed under wraps. Junior Dennis Monsalud, who identifies as homosexual, used the opportunity to publicly come out of the closet. An overflow of positive responses brought Monsalud and many others to tears.
“I cried as my friends, teachers, and siblings came up to hug me,” said Monsalud. “It was so blissful to know that I had a lot of support and to know that I can freely be who I am.”

     Although the week has come to an end, One World hopes to promote the message that the campus will always be a safe and comfortable place for students and teachers to live proudly as who they are.

Written by Staff Writer,

Joselyn Carbonell


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