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     Be the Peace and One World hosted the tenth annual Speak Out during the Week of Consciousness in the auditorium, on Nov. 17, 2016 . Students were given the chance to voice their thoughts in the support of unity across gender, race, religion, and sexuality. This event was a way for students of all grades to come together as one and support their fellow student body as they speak out.


Central Theme: (left to right) junior Kevin Chua, seniors Janus Bungag, and Johnpaul Caburian explain how their video represents the theme of Week of Consciousness that no matter what a person’s race, sexuality, gender, and religion is, they are all human on the inside.


Lifting spirits: English teacher Jeff Meyer played his acoustic guitar and sang “Up the Wolves” by the Mountain Goats to express that anxiety and fear will pass and everything will be alright.


Sense of Reassurance: (left to right) Juniors Lyn Lopez, Allyson Rapada, Brittany Jasper, Cristinah Coma Duran, and Guy Owens performed a spoken word dedicated to the students to remind them that our campus is a safe place where all are accepted despite our differences.


Words of Wisdom: Science teacher Carlie Nemecek recited a speech to reassure everyone that even though things may get rough sometimes, there will be a way to overcome the problems.


Tears of Joy: (left to right) juniors Edward White, Gerome Matulac, senior Don Monsalud, and junior Joselyn Carbonell all gathered around junior Dennis Monsalud (center) to give him a comforting hug as he came out to the audience.


Power in us: Sophomore Nyaduoth Gatkuoth sang, “Powerful,” by Jussie Smollett and Alicia Keys as a way to remind everyone that every person matters.


Key to Success: Junior Johnny Legg performed an original song that he composed himself called, “Purple Rain,” which, left the audience in awe as he captivated them with each note.


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