Senior rejoices in the birth of her baby boy

Showering with love: Senior Quintasia Wadley is shown kissing Bertha Yataco’s abdomen. She does this to show her affection for the unborn baby.

     Senior Bertha Yataco always dreamt of taking care of kids as a preschool teacher.

     However, her dreams came true a little too soon once she got the news that she would have a child of her own.

     After a 39-week pregnancy that took many family and friends by surprise, Yataco gave birth to Omari Jaiden Perry on Feb. 24, 2017 at Kaiser Permanente.

     Yataco initially found out the news one day after summer school in Aug. 2016.

     “I didn’t know what to do,” said Yataco. “I felt hopeless because I was trying to get my grades up, so I was definitely not ready for a kid.”

     Upon hearing the news, her mom kicked her out of the house. Her father took the news lightly and took the blame upon himself for not being there for his daughter, since the two were separated.

     Yataco was forced to find a home on her own. She went from house to house, living among her family and friends.

     September came around and it was time for her to start going to school.

    “Being a pregnant teen going to school was unreal,” Yataco said. “I felt super ashamed about it because I said that this would never happen to me.”

     After watching a few videos of the experiences of pregnant teens, Yataco began to consider abortion.

     “I didn’t want to go through the abortion by myself,” Yataco said. “I was already going through depression.”

     Eventually her mom took her back. Yataco expressed her considerations of abortion to her mom, who immediately changed her mood in efforts to support her only daughter.

     “When I told her about the abortion, she said no because that’s not how my family is,” Yataco said. “My mom plans to help me out, but to an extent, because she wants me to struggle so I become a strong woman.”

     As a mom-to-be, her life was busy enough as it is. Now she had to balance being a student, as well as being a hostess at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

     “It was struggling to get to class on time, because I always had to walk.”

     Despite facing the struggle of being a pregnant teen, Yataco is determined to finish out her high school career.

     “I promised my mom that I was going to graduate,” Yataco said.

     Upon the recent birth of baby Omari, Yataco is currently on independent study, taking care of her child as well as completing her schoolwork at home.

     Despite the news of pregnancy being a big shock, Yataco views it as a blessing. She is able to get an early start on her career because in this case, her dreams did come true.

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Editor-in-Chief Don Monsalud


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