Red Cross members gets first-aid training

Kiss of life: Junior Ashley Tiongco gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a practice dummy. Tiongco was one of four students from the school, selected to receive this hands-on training.

Four students from the Red Cross Club participated in a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) class on Feb. 25 at the Red Cross headquarters and became CPR certified by getting hands-on training.

Instructors from the American Red Cross trained a few members of the Red Cross Club on the topics concerning First Aid, AED (Automated Extended Defibrillator), and CPR. Though these classes may be costly, selected members received the training for free.

In the class, they received instructions on how to properly perform CPR using the mannequins provided to them.

Students were paired up with a friend to learn how to save someone from choking, how to treat a burn, what information they must provide when dialing 911, and how to operate an AED device on a patient, and how to assess a patient that is in need of help.

“Knowing that I could possibly save someone’s life encouraged me to take the class. I want to be prepared in case of an emergency,” explained junior Ashley Tiongco. “I feel more educated regarding how to save and help the people that are in need of medical care.”

Three juniors and one sophomore from Morse were selected along with a few other high school students and some college students as there were only 24 spots available.

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