“Pokemon: Sun and Moon” Video Game Review

    The release of the new “Pokemon: Sun and Moon” video games marks the twentieth anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. These games introduce a variety of new in-game mechanics, updated character models, and new pokemon found throughout the Alola region. The game is engaging, and the introduction of trial captains instead of the traditional gym leaders provides a new goal that players could look forward to accomplishing, while also collecting all the Z-crystals that the trial leaders would give in place of badges. Z-crystals, when given to a pokemon allow it to unleash a powerful attack that could only be used once in a battle.

    The trials themselves are also interesting because you are given a task to complete that have never been seen in any of the previous games. For example, making a dish to lure a pokemon to you, going on a scavenger hunt, or just battling a pokemon with boosted stats. You are also given the task of defeating both an island’s trial captains and kahuna. Each trial captain and island kahuna only use one type of pokemon so given you have the right pokemon they are a breeze to defeat, otherwise they will put up a fight. Z-crystals are awarded to you by defeating a kahuna or trial captain or by finding them on your own.

    The brand new Alolan forms given to pokemon are also adaptations of the first generation pokemon that have been forgotten. The new starter Pokemon include Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. Unlike in previous games, your rival Hau picks the starter that is weak to yours so throughout the game he isn’t really challenging.

    The antagonist team in this game is team skull, a group of misfits led by Guzma who failed to complete their island challenge and now resort to just stealing people’s pokemon and causing trouble. This villainous team’s gangster-like look and actions are amusing and will give you a laugh at every encounter.

    The legendary pokemon, Lunala of Moon and Solgaleo of Sun, have a great design and play a big role in the plot twist near the end of the game.

    All in all, “Pokemon: Sun and Moon” are perfect additions to the main series games because they are nice throwbacks to the original games and are a great way of celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Pokemon Franchise.

Written by Staff Writer,

Gabriel Macaspac


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