Morse students sit down in silence for those affected by inequality

       Silence speaks louder than words.

    This phrase was evident during the silent sit down that happened in the quad during lunch on Nov.  15, 2016.

    The sit down was coordinated by the Black Student Union (BSU), focusing on racial inequality.  This event at Morse was one out of four this week where students gather to show their support for social injustice.

    “I feel that it’s necessary for us to come together and actually get along for at least one day and understand each other,” said junior Lauryn Lang.  “Especially at Morse, because there’s so many different races here.”

    The whole quad was filled with students silently protesting and listening to facts about racial injustices that happened in America.  Lang, along with BSU president Brittany Jasper, stated the facts.

    “I’m really proud of everyone who participated,” said Lang, “because at the end of the day, we [the students at Morse] don’t usually get along unless something bad happens, so I felt really proud that there was so many different races participating.”

    This issue caught the attention of many students since there has been recent racial injustice cases.  The sit down showed how much people want to do something about social injustices.

    “I felt really safe, I felt I grew closer to people, and I felt like I got to understand the perspectives of the Latinos and the Asians,” admitted Lang.

    Even though the students had to sit quietly during the sit down, you can hear their passion for this issue in the silence.

Written by Editor-in-Chief,

Wilchesca Marino


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