Miguel Meza places second place at Morley Field

To senior Miguel Meza, someone who placed second at for cross country on Nov. 25 at Morley Field, the only difference between school and his life is time.

“From cutting off those extra seconds on my personal time to homework, time is a huge issue,” said Meza. “It’s like the faster I run, the faster I can do things.”

In order to prepare for the race, Meza runs two hours a day in the prior month, while making sure he has enough sleep. As the years progressed, Meza kept shortening his personal time records.

“During the race, I’m usually alone so I would hear people cheer for the other runners to pass me,” said Meza. “Although that may not be for me, I use that as motivation to keep those runners behind me.”

As long as there aren’t any hurdles, Meza plans to keep running while his legs still let him.

“It’s part of my legacy, I have to follow my brothers’ footsteps, said Meza. “This is just a part of who I am.”

Meza runs all year long, as he plays cross country in the fall, soccer in the winter, and track in the spring. Meza’s main motive for running is for self-improvement.

“It’s not about winning, because the competition is only between myself, the other people don’t matter,” said Meza. “The difference between an average runner and a faster runner is the mind, it’s what breaks the barrier beyond the physical boundaries.”

Meza has a fixed schedule of six days of running and upper body, andSunday for rest. These runs take about 45 to 60 minutes a day, which on average is about seven miles.

“While running for others may be a source of stress, to me it’s a way to relieve it,” said Meza. “At times, it may be painful, but pain is momentary.”

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