How to prepare for senior year

As many of you are counting down the days until summer where the sleep filled days will rejuvenate you, it is time to start preparing yourself for the grueling world of being a senior. Not only is it a time to cherish the dwindling days with your “A1’s” since freshman year and fun senior activities but it is also time to make the biggest decisions on what you will do after graduation. It’s time to think about colleges, the good, the bad, and the ones just right for you. Check out these tips that will help keep you focused and make sure your senior year is a great one.

Apply to the right classes: Since articulation has already passed, double check that you have all your A-G requirements, so there is one less thing holding you back from graduating!

Fill out your FAFSA/ CSS: The FAFSA also known as The Federal Application For Student Aid is a federal grant, which loosely translates to free money. So whether you are applying to a four-year public university, community college, private school, or vocational school be sure to apply. Like the FAFSA, the CSS profile is solely for private schools. It is more detailed in order to verify how much aid colleges will give you.

Take those SAT’s and ACT’s: “If you haven’t signed up for SAT or ACT make sure to do so,” says counselor Kristi Flint. As college applications creep closer the deadline to send your scores get closer as well. Make sure to get a waiver from the counselors to not have to pay for this exam.

Keep those Grades up:  I know senioritis usually hits most of us, but those first semester report cards are crucial for colleges to determine if you are the right candidate for them. So give yourself breaks when you need to but try your best to finish strong. Plus, the first progress report of the second semester is vital to determine whether you will participate in prom, so don’t slack off!

Start your Essays: They are long, they are boring, they are tedious, and they make you reevaluate your whole existence but they are so important. They let admissions officers at any college get a glimpse at your personality besides your scores and GPA to actually get to know you. So start as early as you can, start some drafts over the summer and really hammer them out by November for the UC deadline and around January for private schools.

Give yourself a break: You have been working hard since freshman year, give yourself a break here and there. Hang out with friends, some of which you may not see after you graduate so relax and finish the year with more memories. Cherish all the moments and continue to dream big.

Good Luck!

Written by,

Staff Writer Ikran Ibrahim


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