Co-ed dance team hosts dance workshops

Pop and lock: Junior Jarel Pizarro leads the students with his vibrant dance moves as they mirror him from behind.

      Morse All Female and Morse All Male (Co-ed) have been hosting hip-hop dance workshops every second and fourth Tuesday of each month, starting this school year.

     The dance workshops were made to help the current members of the team work on making their own choreography and get other students interested in dancing.

     “We wanted to make sure we kept the whole team involved in doing things like making choreography for themselves so they all can get experience doing choreography,” said Co-ed advisor, Jeffrey Pacis.

     Joy Diwa, former dancer and co-advisor of Co-ed, helps find some choreographers from the dance community.  Some people who’ve choreographed were professional hip-hop dancers from Los Angeles, or from Culture Shock, a dance center in San Diego.

     “The choreographers vary,” said Pacis.  “Typically it’s been the captains who have been doing the choreography for the team side of it, but we also have other people come in.”

     Arc, an after school experiential education provider at Morse, collaborates with Co-ed in an effort to get more students to attend these workshops.

     “We want to make sure we’re involving as many students as possible, so we can take advantage of the financial benefits that Arc provides,” said Pacis.

     Co-ed will continue hosting these workshops with the hopes of getting students involved with the dance community.

Written by Editor-in-Chief,

Wilchesca Marino


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