Close out your W.O.C. with peace

   One World, Environmental Club, and Red Cross Club collaborated to organize the Peace Rally at the amphitheater on Nov. 18 at lunch for this year’s tenth Week of Consciousness, which focuses on unity and equality.

    The Peace Rally will consist of teacher challenges that range from getting pied in the face to dying or chopping off hair. The few teachers getting pied in the face are history teacher Ellen Bergan and science teacher Melanie Mathews. In addition, math teacher Becky Vega will be chopping off her hair. Economics teacher Rex Calvin and Ed Gough worked together to make extra hot wings for the hot wings challenge for both students and teachers.

    In order for teachers to actually do their specified challenge, students had to donate enough money into the teacher challenges boxes distributed by the Red Cross Club to reach the desired amount for those challenges. For example, if over five hundred dollars were raised, then Principal Harry Shelton, along with Vice Principals Richard Delapena and William Laine, will get pied in the face.

    “Environmental Club was responsible for organizing the teacher challenges,” said Jessica Flores, vice president of Environmental Club. “And we divided it with Red Cross so that they’d be doing the collection of the boxes.”

    All proceeds from the teacher challenges will go to the Human Rights Watch, an organization that focuses on fighting against human rights violations.

    The Peace Rally is a fun event to finish off the Week of Consciousness and it is the culmination of all the hard work that the school has done to raise awareness about unity and equality.

    “It’s the closing event of the Week of Consciousness because it’s the last day,” said Justin Figueroa, president of One World. “It’s a celebration of our hard work as a school, which includes the donations that go towards a good cause.”

Written by Entertainment Editor,

Anjelica Nojadera


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