Buzzing in for gender equality

Academic League will be participating on the first day of the Week of Consciousness, Nov. 14, 2016, by setting up an open game in the quad at lunch, as a way to educate students on the topic of gender.

Seeing that Monday is organized to discuss the idea of gender unity, the club will be asking gender-based questions. The game is open to all students, and will follow the format of how an Academic League match is played.

The questions will be researched by members of the club. Every time a toss-up question is answered, despite whether it is right or wrong, students will be informed of the answer and given a prize. There will be no points recorded for the game.

“When they answer a question, whether it is right or wrong, you will get a goodie,” said Ikran Ibrahim, president of Academic League. “It’s a win-win, you get prizes and you get knowledge.”

The location of the Academic League game is strategically placed in a zone where many students intersect. This is done to get all students interested in playing.

Written by Op/Eds Editor,

Kendrick Francisco


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